Villages around Vamos

Douliana: 2 km from Vamos towards Kalyves lies the picturesque village of Douliana, a traditionally preserved village with hidden corners and a peaceful environment. Some of the accommodations we offer are located here. The village is 100 meters above sea level, with 40 houses in total, population 200 people. It has a cozy square with one local cafe, a mini-market and a very nice taverna. You will feel welcome in any corner of the village!

Gavalohori: Gavalohori is a beautiful traditional village with a population of about 400 people. It has some very interesting places to visit. Look out for the arched olive oil mill dating from 1360, the old school and many old houses, whilst 1.5km outside the village on the road to Vamos three Roman tombs have been discovered. On the platea the “The Woman’s Co-operative” has a shop selling a variety of hand made goods, textiles, lace, clothing and a broad range of decorative home goods. The “Gavalohori Folk Museum” is located close to the platea in an old building graced with both Venetian and Turkish building styles which has been carefully renovated using public funding. The village has nice of nice cafes and tavernas with good food, two mini markets, a bakery.

Paleloni & Kefalas: Paleloni is a small neighborhood near the village of Kefalas, with 15 houses. Kefalas is situated northeast of Vamos, 5 km distant, located on a hill with a great sea view. It is a wonderful traditional village with much preserved local architecture and impressive old village churches. The village is 350 meters above sea level, population 700 people. In Kefalas there is a grocery store, supermarket, some cafes & a tavern. The Ombrosgialos bay with turquoise sea, ideal for snorkelling or diving, is only 2 km away.

Selia: Selia is a small village 5 km distant from Vamos and 3 km from Kefalas. It is located in a very rich forest area, 280 meters above sea level. You can still see beautiful ruins from previous centuries, a village school, a church of the early 18th century, enjoy the peace of nature and walks in the nearby villages.

Tsivaras: Tsivaras is a small village between Vamos and Kalives. It is built on a hill 120 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view of sea and olive groves. The village has a small cafe and a mini-market but you will find more shops and many other services in Kalives 3km away (supermarket, cafe, restaurants, shops and others) or Vamos, also 3km away.

Nipos: Nipos is located in one of the most “virgin” areas of Apokoronas, with verdant nature, next to the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), with a beautiful village square and lots of nice Cretan tavernas. The village of Nipos is 8 km from Vamos and 2 km from Vrisses, 190 meters above sea level and with 300 inhabitants. In Nipos there is a local cafe in the village square, while in the village taverna ‘Ipokoronion’ you will enjoy amazing local dishes.

Kalyves: This is a beautiful village on the side of Souda bay. A small river crosses the area and by its sides there are plenty of hotels, rooms to let, restaurants and coffee shops, and souvenir shops. The beach, extending for 300 m. just before you reach the village is golden sand with green-blue waters.

Xirosterni: 3 km from Vamos towards Kefalas, a traditionally preserved village with lot of renovated traditional houses as well as some old ruins. It is one of the most picturesque villages of Apokoronas, quiet and small, with friendly inhabitants.  On the 6th of August the villagers organize the local fiesta (panagiri), to honor the Saviour Christ, which is also the main church of the village. Lots of Cretan music and dance, and homemade food is offered to all visitors! In the entrance of the village there is a mini-market and a snack bar.

Georgioupolis: A community by the sea, built on the mouth of a beautiful river. It has become a seaside resort with many hotels, restaurants, tavernas and coffee shops. The towering eucalyptus trees along the river banks and the golden sand-beach extending from the river mouth for 10 km eastwards make it a pleasant place for sun and sea (especially the dune beach, beyond the big hotels), all only 10 km away from Vamos.

Vrisses: This is situated in the centre of the Vrisses valley on the way to Sfakia. It is rather a new village, developed after 1925, on two hania (inns) which were there to accommodate the merchants and travellers to and from Sfakia. Now it is an important traffic junction with beautiful natural surroundings, rich in greenery because of the Vryssano river which flows through it. On the way to Rethymnon, to the east of the village, there is an ancient bridge from Greco-Roman times known as Elliniki Kamara (The Greek Arch). Vrisses has very good customer service : a bank, shops, cafes, bakery, post office, supermarket, lot of cafés and tavernas.

Armeni: This is built in a verdant landscape, full of huge plane-trees whose roots are watered by natural springs that irrigate most of the district. It obtained its name from the first inhabitants, the Armenians (961 A.D.), who served in Nikiforos Phokas’ army liberating Crete from the Arabs. The abundance of water irrigating the entire area has turned Armeni into a huge orchard full of fruit-bearing trees and flowers. Armeni has very nice taverns, a super bucher shops with local delicatessen, Tzitzikas café-restaurant with special atmosphere, full of cultural events.

Kaina: Small, picturesque village 226 m above sea level, with wonderful views of the White Mountains. In the village you will find a small traditional café and a mini market, but you will find more shops and services in Vamos (3,k km) and Agioi Pandes (1,5 km).