Cooking lessons

Cretan traditional cooking lessons

Visitors that are interested in Cretan cuisine can participate in our Cretan traditional cooking lessons and prepare delicious local dishes with the guidance and assistance of our cookery consultant.
All ingredients are fresh and local. Detailed instructions and full recipes are provided. In addition, useful information about the herbs, olive oil and other ingredients used is given, together with explanations of their nutritional quality and usage.

The Olive Oil Path

Botanical Guided Walk

Starting with our car from Vamos village we will drive through one of the greenest roads of our area towards the village of Paidochori. Surrounded by the prestigious presence of the White the middle of nowhere, we will find ourselves in front of a gate. Exactly there, Manolis will be waiting for us to open the gate of a paradise land. We will enter and here time stops….

Bread making

Visit the local producers

The essential four of Cretan Nutrition. Wine, herbs, olive oil and cheese! We will visit the people who continue a centuries-old tradition. They will welcome us and talk about their products, the tradition in the long history of Crete and its value in the economy of the island. A unique drive tour in the heart of Crete, an authentic experience!

In the Hearts of the Mountains

PURE TASTES OF CRETE - In the Heart of the Mountains

Part of any visit to Crete is a culinary voyage. During your stay on our island you can sample several Cretan specialties: kalitsounia (small pies filled with fresh myzithra, a soft local cheese), lamb with wild herbs, rabbit "stifado" (stew), or the famous "dako" (barley rusks soaked in olive oil and tomato).
Wine, olive oil, wild herbs, cheese, dairy products and meat are all produced fresh here from the Cretan land. All pure ingredients that enrich the flavour of your “meze".
However, the production of these is really something to see!
Join us on a visit to some of the local producers. The experience will also enrich your knowledge of the "haute cuisine" of Crete.

The Olive Oil Path

The Olive Oil Path

Olives and olive oil are, since the dawn of civilisation, two of the most important elements of Cretan life and culture. Let's "walk" together the Olive Path!
First stop at the olive grove of a local farmer who uses organic methods of cultivating. We will walk with him under the olive trees, we will discuss the methods, the secrets and the difficulties of cultivating olive trees, we will see the olive trees planted by his father and at the end we will taste his excellent olive oil at his hospitable small house in the olive grove.

Seasonal activities

Seasonal Activities

Harvesting and Gathering

Harvests and gatherings are intrinsically strong experiences. You work with your hands, out in nature, and interact with the locals who will share with you their experience and knowledge.
Each season in Crete offers something special!