Visit the local producers

The programme:

10:00 Meet in the office
We drive to the mountain village of Ramni to visit Yiannis Matsamakis, the local cheese maker. We watch Yiannis on duty, making his "graviera", the most typical Cretan cheese from sheep's milk. We discuss about the cheese making procedure and we taste different kind of cheeses: graviera, anthotyros (from sheep's milk as well, the less fatty cheese in Crete), myzithra (fresh cheese from goat's milk). This brings us to the necessary first raki of the day! (Available : 01/11 to 14/06)
We start from the local Olive Oil factory where the specialist will demonstrate the olive oil production process. The taste of pure local oil is followed by the explanation of the secrets of Cretan virgin olive oil. Question will be answered such as: what virgin olive oil means? How the villages and families cultivate and produce their own olive oil? Why olive oil? Why the Cretan olive oil is better than the Spanish and Italian one? (Available : 15/06 to 30/10)


  • Start: 10:00 from Vamos Tourist office
  • When: Every Friday
  • Including:
    - Local Cretan Food
    - Guide and Transfer
  • Duration: Approx 6 hours
  • Cost: € 45,- per  adult and € 25 per child (under 16 years)
Then we drive to the 14th century Byzantine church of St. Nicolas in the heart of a ravine, with the amazing frescos and the rare architecture! It is an exclusive visit! The church will open only for us!
Then we drive to the small village of Hiliomoudou, to visit Vasilis Manatakis, the last person in Apokoronas, who makes sheep and goat bells. We watch Vasillis working and we learn how to recognize the difference between the sound of sheep and goat bells! It's time for the second raki!
We continue to "Lemonia" tavern (which means "The lemon tree"), in other words Leonidas Rethemiotakis' place. We visit the authentic, old olive-press, the last one left nowadays in Apokoronas, where Leonidas still produces his bio olive oil! We see his wild goats known worldwide as "kri-kri" (a unique chance, because these animals are rarely seen) and we have our meal at his tavern, cooked by his wife.
Your guide: George Xatzidakis, born and raised in Vamos, has excellent knowledge of local history, culture and customs. He is able to show you amazing places you would otherwise never find, to open doors that you can't, to allow you to try things you've never tried, to meet people you would never meet.
Duration: Approx 6 hours
Cost: 45€ per adult & 25 € per child under 16 years old. Meal and transport* from the starting point in Vamos included.(in case you'll use your own car to do the tour the price is 35 €)
When: Everyday Friday, min number of persons 4, pre-booked at least one day before. Can be arranged another day as soon as a group is formed.
*Transport to the starting point can be arranged at a small additional cost.