In the Heart of the Mountains

An amazing and unique chance to sense the real feeling and soul of Crete!

sheepsThe program:

14:00 Meeting at the tourist office
First we visit Stavros the bee-keeper close to the mountain village of Embrosneros. We will don bee-keeper's costumes, open the hives and see the bees, including the Queen, and discover all the secrets of bee-keeping. At the end we will taste honey with cheese and drink the first raki of the day!
Then we visit Pandelis the baker in the even higher mountain village of Vatoudiaris. He will be busy baking rusks in a wood oven. We will taste his excellent selection of home- made cookies, buy our bread and drink (of course) the second raki of the day!
After that we drive really high up, to the pastures of Yiorgis the shepperd. Under the oak trees Yiorgis milks his sheep with the valuable assistance of his dog! And then prepares "tyrozoulia", the freshest cottage cheese you will ever taste! Meanwhile lamb will be boiling in the vat and will become, along with traditional "pilafi" rice, our meal... in the heart of the mountains!
Your guide:George Xatzidakis, born and raised in Vamos, has excellent knowledge of local history, culture, tradition, and customs.


  • Start: 14:00 from Vamos Tourist office
  • When: Every Thursday
  • Including:
    - Local food & drinks
    - Guide and Transfer
  • Duration: Approx 4-5 hours
  • Cost: € 45 - per person and 25 € for children under 16 years old
Duration: 4- 5 hours
Price: 45 euros/person and 25 € for children under 16 years old *Transport from Vamos included. (In case you will use your own car to drive to visiting places price 35 euro).
When: Everyday Thursday, min number of persons 5, pre-booked at least one day before. Can be arranged another day as soon as a group is formed.
Including: Local food & drinks, Guide and Transfer.
Attention!If you decide to go close to the bees it is suggested to have your legs covered (trousers).